How it works

If you are a Customer


JobsVariety is here to help you get any of your jobs done nicely and stress free.

We have a big variety of professionals that are here for you, no endless searches in internet or calling people with no results.

 It can all be done under Your terms.

Just start by describing what you need doing, give as many details as you can so that our Freelancers would know what is needed and don’t forget to tell us the location of you Project.

You can always upload additional files or photos depending on the Project

Then tell us how soon you need this done. Depending on the project it may have different timelines.

And finally think of a price that would be fair for that Project to be completed and post your Project for Free!






Choose from the Best


With JobsVariety as soon as you post your Project you will receive Bids on it from our Freelancers. You can review each one of them and check their profiles and reviews.

You can always use the filters to choose the ones that are best suited for your need by searching the skills needed for you Project.

Take your time and have a look through the bids and the offers made by the Freelancers, check the timeframes offered, and the prices, don’t forget to have a look at their skills and qualifications.

You may also already have some of the Freelancers added as your favorites so you could easily rehire them for any other Project.







Get that Project done quick and easy


As soon as you choose a Freelancer for the Project and accept his Bid you will need to press PAY NOW button so that he can start his work. At this point the funds are safely stored with us. You can use our messaging system for final arrangements and Project details.

You can use our mobile app to keep in touch anytime and anywhere.

Our mobile app has all the features from the website to make it easy and convenient for you anytime and anywhere to get anything sorted.








Make payments safe and secure


You can pay a fixed price for the whole Project or pay by the hour.

We have pre-set escrow service that helps securing your money and if milestones are set you only need to release the money when a milestone is met.

JobsVariety makes paying Freelancers simple and secure through PayPal service and soon with MasterCard, Visa and others.

There is only a 5% Admin commission fee that is automated.










If you are a Freelancer


JobsVariety is a great platform to find all kind of Projects that would match your professional skills.

Thinks of it as of the ideal workplace.

You are your own boss, you choose the Project you would like to accomplish, choose the Customer and get to do your best in something you excel.

Just fill in your profile with all the details needed, write down as many skills you have that you are great with, mention your qualifications and Previous jobs or Projects completed.

As long as you exceed in your completed Projects you will gain a big number of customers that will always be willing to rehire you or recommend you to others.










Get a Project in no time


With JobsVariety it’s easy to find a Customer.

Just look for a project that matches your skills, look for the right location and place a Bid.

 When placing the Bid don’t forget to mention the timeframe you can complete that Project in and the Payment you think it’s fair for that Project.

 With JobsVariety if you will get more and more Customers satisfied with their completed Projects the more chances to get rehired for the future Projects.

It’s always slower to get started but a very important step for the beginning is a well created Profile with truthful and accurate information. Think of it as a resume about yourself or a brochure of your skills and qualifications, with the experience you have obtained through years and of the things that you do best.








Complete that project with excellence


With JobsVariety you have the opportunity to do the job you like the best.

YOU choose your project, the time, the location and the way you work. After you offer was accepted you can discuss the remaining details in through the JobsVariety messaging system as well as sending and receiving files.

You can always use our mobile app for any of the previously mentioned features as well. We have created everything for your convenience.








Get payed for your hard work


All the payments are made through JobsVariety and are secured through our escrow service.

You can get paid hourly using timesheets or through milestones with payments released when a milestone is met.

JobsVariety is using PayPal payment services with multiple more added soon.

JobsVariety charges a service fee that is an automated percentage taken on the payments. Our Admin Commission fee is only 12% with no other hidden fees.