About Us

Who are we?


JobsVariety is a crowdsourcing platform. We are here to help thousands of people with different jobs around the house like painting, cleaning, handyman work to jobs like web services, business and accountancy to get it all done. Any job that needs doing has its own skillful Freelancer available for it.


All the payments are safely secured with JobsVariety until the job is done. On completion of the job the Freelancer requests the payment and the Customer will receive a notification to release the payment. This is securely transferred into Freelancers account after that.


All the admin fees, insurance costs, and transactional variable are automatically deducted from the payment. There are no hidden fees or additional costs. This is the small aide that JobsVariety platform needs to continuously improve and get the Customer and the Freelancer the best possible experience.


When browsing for jobs the Freelancer can also check the Customer for reviews and recommendations to simply understand who they will be working with.